Ruben van Weelden (Amsterdam, 1992) holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, graduating as a Cinematographer at the Netherlands Film Academy in 2017. Occasionally working as a photographer.
Has worked in the industry for over 15 years, starting out as a child actor, working as a spark, AC. Now working solely as DP for over 6 years, focusing on narrative, doc and commercial work.

Set currently consisting of:
  • Alexa Mini Full Set w/ Accesories   
  • Bolex SBM


Making film is like raising a child; you have to be caring and patient. At the same time intervene when it needs or asks you to.
It is naive to think you raise a child on your own. There are many parents in a films upbringing. (concept stage (insemination) writing stage (baby) preprod (toddler), shoot and post(puberty)) (DCP) Adult)
Parents aren’t always right, and sometimes they can even argue. Ultimately they all have the same goal: to raise a strong, savvy and independent person who is ready to conquer the world all by itself. In the cinemas that is.


Time is always at the center of photography, although it is often hidden. A moment captured at a place of a subject is in a sense a diary entrys of the photographer.

A story that you can revisit whenever you want, to travel back in time and relive that moment as you captured it.

As a cinematographer I make, shape and fake time. I determine the image as much as possible.

As a photographer I abide by the rules of time, I portray it in full honesty.

Being a patient observer always felt better. There is no image without contrasts, colors define each other; the angle determines what is visible and what is not.